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What We Do


Almost half of all childhood deaths globally are related to malnutrition. In India the diet of the poorer population is high in carbohydrates and low in protein leading to stunting, suboptimal neurological and intellectual development and inability to repair tissue.


Proteins are the building blocks of all cells and are critical for production of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and even connective tissue. It helps store amino acids, helps in muscle movement, and is the vehicle to transport substances within the body. Adding protein is always beneficial to a substandard diet at any age.

Research has proved time and again that there is a very strong relationship between Health, Nutrition and Education and a lack in any one field affects the other two factors. In our country we have a number of organisations working among children and their focus exclusively is on Education or Health, with little or no attention being paid to the nutrition of the child. 

The Bar

Our Happy Bar delivers the same amount of protein as one egg to a child, and perhaps even greater yet, a feeling of love... and love makes you happy!

Because many of these children have never received a gift, we wrap each bar with love and deliver a smile through our bubbly ostrich friend, Boing.


At 50%, India houses the largest number of undernourished children in the world. In India, the diet of the poor population is high in carbohydrates and low in protein. According to UNICEF, poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child's life can lead to stunted growth, which is associated with impaired cognitive ability and reduced school performance. 

Proteins are the building blocks of all cells. A child needs protein toe produce enzymes, and hormones to build muscle, skin and bones.

It's more than just a bar. It's hope. It's love. It's giving our future a chance.

Our Progress

Happy Bar has donated over 1.7 million bars to undernourished children and elderly in poverty since 2014.


In 2023, we supported ~3,000 children & 100 adults in 29 locations/campaigns covering children in 1 leprosy program, 4 HIV/AIDS orphanages, 10 schools for the disadvantaged, 11 cancer and special needs wards for children, and  several preschool – kindergarten child care programs for the underprivileged. 

Committed goal for 2024 is to donate 500,000 bars.

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