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The Futures of Science and Children: What About Today?

I am seeing lots of posts from senior scientists and executives from the food production industry, across the media, about the need for sciences and technology to feed the word. However what drives me are the millions of undernourished and starving kids and their families that live their days in poverty right now today while we debate from abundance. These topics are not mutually exclusive. For them daily reality is harsh!

Their future is not so good due to lack of food and nutrition TODAY!

Through Happy Bar Nutrition Inc. we can all touch hundreds even thousands of kids and their families right now today. Let the debate over appropriate science rage on but how about helping a child and their family today? How about reaching out to a child right this minute? How about a vision for no undernourished kids? This should not be debatable.

Go to Happy Nutrition Inc. on Facebook or Instagram and donate a little or a lot. The promise is that 100% of every dollar helps nourish a child today and helps educate about nutrition and diet. Every dollar provides 4 bars!

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