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Boing, The Ostrich

Meet Boing, the Mascot of Purpose and Focus

BOING who was also born from Clare’s long conversations with an elderly couple. The dear old man always advised Clare to keep her eyes (focus) on the egg, like an ostrich (the egg being God), without being distracted with disappointments, circumstances and twists and turns of life.

Ostriches, supposedly have small brains and need to keep staring at the egg, so they don’t lose sight of their egg, amidst hundreds of eggs lying in the sand. Clare drew BOING (a rough imperfect sketch), an Ostrich that has unusually large eyes that kept its eyes on the egg, without being distracted (focused and purpose driven), to guard and nurture it, until it hatched.

BOING is telling us that good things come from HAVING A PURPOSE and STAYING FOCUSED on a job at hand, a higher power, something or someone.

Soon Boing became the mascot of a high protein nutrition snack bar (called the HAPPY BAR) that has been distributed to marginalized, abandoned, undernourished HIV and leprosy children in India. The peanut based bar is the brain food that will help children stay focused. The children we serve walk miles to go to schools but cannot focus, because they are hungry. Happy Bar Inc’s mission is to get the HAPPY BAR to them and make them a happy, focused, tough lot. Our slogan for our children: “When the going gets tough, the tough get BOING”….



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