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> 1.7 million



Promoting Health

for the mind, body & spirit

Join The Team Of Superheroes Feeding Children In Need

Our Mission

Happy Bar Nutrition promotes health for the mind, body and spirit. Short term we provide nutritional snacks to needy populations especially children, the sick, and the aged.  Long term we promote nutritional awareness and solutions to self-sustainability of food.  

Our Recipients

Since 2014, we’ve donated over 1.7 million bars to undernourished children and elderly in poverty across India.

Our goal for 2024 is to donate 500,000 bars.

Our Vision

Nutrition for All - A world of communities with no undernourished people. We produce tasty, healthy snack bars for impoverished children.

The Nutrition

At 50%, India houses the largest number of undernourished children in the world. In India, the diet of the poor population is high in carbohydrates and low in protein. 


Support The Cause

We produce tasty, healthy snack bars for impoverished children. Current donations are helping feed children in 1 leprosy program, 4 HIV/AIDS orphanages, 10 schools for the disadvantaged, 11 cancer and special needs wards for children, and  several preschool – kindergarten child care programs for the underprivileged.

The Happy Bar: One Happy Bar delivers the same amount of protein as one egg to a child and, perhaps greater yet, a feeling of love, and love makes you happy. Because many of these children have never received a gift, we wrap each bar with love and deliver a smile through our bubbly ostrich friend, Boing. It’s more than a bar. Brain power creates a future.

Being Social

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